Friday Music

Only a short one this week, and themed: Some new mash-ups that I’ve stumbled across recently.

First, an absolutely blistering mix of Lady Gaga and Korn’s cover of a Cameo classic: Marc Johnce – “Word Up This Way (Lady Gaga vs Korn vs Cameo)”.

Next, dropping back into the early 90s: DJ Y Alias JY – “The Unbelievable Look (EMF vs Roxette).”

This one grabbed me — its works far better than I was expecting: Mashup Germany – “Hey Jude, I’ll Be There (Green Day vs The Beatles vs The Jackson Five vs Avril Lavigne vs Agnes).”

A great mix of one of my favorite classics with a European electro-house track: DJ Earworm – “Gimme Freaks (The Rolling Stones vs Moguai & Tocadisco).”

That’s gonna have to do it for this week. Enjoy!

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