Hey, Kids, Look: Content!

I have been piss-poor about regular updates on this thing. Spending all of my “hey, lookit this nifty thing” energy over on Twitter.

But this month, we launched the FAR WEST website, and have been updating that sucker with daily content. So I figured if I could do it there, I could do it here. (The fact that when I set up Google Analytics for the FAR WEST site I also set it up for this blog and saw the god-awful traffic stats has absolutely nothing to do with it. No sir.)

Yesterday was my 42nd Birthday. Yeesh. Looking back, I find my earliest blog entry about my birthday was this one from my 34th, back in 2003. Where, I note, the first thing I talk about is that I haven’t been updating the blog much. So it’s good that I’ve maintained a certain level of consistency.

Loot-wise, the birthday was pretty good. Highlights include a copy of L.A. Noire for the PS3 that I need to carve out some time for ASAP; the brand-spanking new reboot novel for James Bond, Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver; and one of the nifty items scene over on the right: A ball microphone with a shockmount ring. So perhaps some podcasting and other audio productions are in my future….

Laura says that getting the mike for me felt a bit like buying a housewife a vacuum cleaner as a present: “Here, honey: DO MORE WORK.”

In a nearly-perfect seguĂ©, speaking of microphones/audio productions, James Bond and Noir — we have the following bit of incredible brilliance: The BBC archive of a 1958 radio broadcast of a conversation between Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler, where they talk about crime, writing thrillers, and more. Absolute gold, especially for writers, and well worth the 24 minute listen.

Last week on Twitter, I said that I wanted to blog more, and asked folks what they’d like to see from me. Got a few responses there, but I figured I’d repeat the question for the commenters here. Fire away, and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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  1. I’d love to hear more of your commentary on Bond – that was pretty cool. But you tend to write well about anything you’re feeling passionate about, so write about that. :)

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