Advent of the Insurgent Creative, Day Seventeen – ImagineFX

This weekend, we turn our attention back from services to more direct tools — specifically a tool for Insurgent Creative artists: the magazine ImagineFX.

ImagineFX is a digital art magazine that features workshops and interviews with artists from the science fiction, fantasy, manga, anime, game and comic fields, as well as reviews of software, artistic tools, books and graphic novels. The main focus of the magazine are the tutorial workshops, in which working artists give direct instruction in technique for various styles.

ImagineFX is one of the magazines published by the UK-based Future Publishing, and is available via most large bookstores in the US. As an import, it’s a bit expensive ($16 bucks or so an issue) — but as with most of Future Publishing’s magazines, you also get an included DVD-ROM with each issue, featuring bonus material and tools. In the case of ImagineFX, that DVD features software samples and free trials, free Photoshop brushes and textures, 3D Models, all of the files necessary for the tutorial workshops, as well as videos (some of which are later available via the magazine’s YouTube page). The tutorials aren’t minute-long overviews, either, but full-length hands-on lessons, like this hour-long video featuring Concept Artist Bobby Chiu:

Each issue gives artists not only hours of high-quality workshop instruction from top talent, but also free tools for you to use in your everyday work. In addition, the magazine also spotlights artists who submit their material, making it have the potential for being a platform for increasing your exposure as well. Well worth your time if you’re an artist, or even aspiring to be one.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at a couple of other releases from the same publisher, of specific interest to Insurgent Creative musicians.