Last night, the fine folks at Gen Con announced the 2012 Industry Insider Guests of Honor. I’m thrilled have been chosen this year — and incredibly honored to be listed along with such amazing company:

Tavis Allison
Steve Kenson
Mark Rein-Hagen
Wolgang Baur
T.S. Luikart
Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat
Michelle Lyons
Dennis Detwiller
Ryan Macklin
Christina Stiles
James Ernest
Dominic McDowall-Thomas
George Strayton
Matt Forbeck
Jason Morningstar
Richard Thomas
Jess Hartley
Susan Morris
Rodney Thompson
Kenneth Hite
James Wyatt

GenCon will be putting together a list of panel discussions and seminars featuring us, in our varied areas of expertise. Once I have details about my specific events, I’ll post about them here. …And, once I have my schedule from the Guest-of-Honor track determined, I’ll then consider what additional events I may want to do as well — I guarantee, one way or the other, there will be a Far West panel with T.S. Luikart and myself.

The funny thing is, with T.S., Me and Dominic McDowall-Thomas all on the Guest of Honor list, staffing at the Cubicle 7 booth in the Exhibit Hall will have to make allowances for our regular absences! Luckily, my lovely wife Laura is managing the booth this year, and she’s a scheduling whiz.

We’re still almost 4 months out, but I’m starting to really look forward it.

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