#RPGaDay2015: Day 6

rpg-a-day-2015Here’s the question that I’ve been dreading. Day 6 of #RPGaDay2015: Most Recent RPG Played. Yeah… About that…

The sad truth of the matter is that I haven’t played an RPG, aside from work-related playtests of stuff I’m designing or that my students have developed in my game design studio at the Kansas City Art Institute, for literally years. I think the last time I was actually in a game was a 4th Edition D&D “Essentials” campaign that ran for a couple months back in 2010. Half a friggin’ decade ago. Yeesh.

There have been a few fits and starts since then — mostly character creation and single sessions which never panned out into recurring games, mostly due to scheduling difficulties and such. The One Ring, Marvel Heroes, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. The starter clicked, but the engine never turned over. Most of my friends are spread around the globe, and the ones that are local have all come down with severe cases of Life, making scheduling problematic.

It’s gotten bad enough that I’m seriously contemplating running an online game — something which I’ve never done before. Not sure if it would scratch the same itch, to be honest.

Well — THAT’S a depressing entry! Let’s check in on Dave for his video entry for the day… with special guest, the inimitable James Wallis!