30 Day Song Challenge, Day 11

Today’s challenge: “A Guilty Pleasure.”

First of all, I’m not a fan of that phrase. Like the things you like, and screw being guilty about it. I mean, hell — my greatest joys are basically trash-entertainment media of the last century: Hammer movies, horror paperbacks, potboiler thrillers, kung-fu flicks, comic books, pulp magazines, etc. I’m not going to point at anybody else’s interests and say “GUILTY!”

That said, I’ll take the term as “something which I like, which is incongruous for me to like, which I recognize is not perhaps deserving.”

And with that, I give you: Spice Girls.

As I said to a friend at the time: “Sure, it’s sugar-pop bubblegum crap. But it’s REALLY WELL-CRAFTED sugar-pop bubblegum crap.”