Far West Weekly Update, June 29th

A very brief one this week, folks, as I sit here in the blast-furnace hellscape of Kansas. Heat indices of 115+ are no kinda fun, especially when you live in a house with no central air — curse these 19th-century neighborhoods! Ah, well — I’ll just take it as “sensory research” for writing about the Thousand Mesas region!

Work continues, getting back onto schedule. I am still expecting to be sending a finished manuscript to layout (and to you) in July.

As always, I’m available via email/twitter/etc.

Stay cool, and to quote Warren Ellis from his email newsletter this past week: “Turn down the volume on the world when you need to. Go outside if you can. Make a fort if you can’t. Do what makes you happy. You’re allowed to, and you deserve to, and never let any bastard tell you otherwise.”

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Lawrence, Kansas
29th June, 2018

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