RPGaDay2018, Day 23 — Which Game Do You Hope To Play Again?

Which game do you hope to play again?

In all honesty? Any of them.

As I’ve said before, things have been so hectic for such a long time, I have not been able to be in a regular game for literally years. This is exacerbated by most of my good friends being spread out all over the globe (necessitating getting familiar/comfortable with online play tools, which I’ve never used before).

…and a bad side-effect of becoming a fan of some of the streaming RPG web series that have launched is that I have become wracked with seething envy over the possibilities of what can be created by playing a great game with a group who is utterly invested in their characters and the process: an ideal which (let’s be frank) is seldom achieved.

Well crap. This turned maudlin.

I blame the rain.


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