Election 2020

Since I know you’re all clamoring for the political prognostications of a nerd-media writer, I figured I’d take this opportunity, ahead of the Iowa Caucus, to state my preferences in the Democratic field of candidates.

I am a Democratic Socialist. I believe that we need a stronger democracy, with more social programs, nationalized health care, free education, and even a basic income or citizen’s dividend — and that all of these can be paid for by reducing the amount of our tax dollars that go to the military, and increasing taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Americans and Corporations.

In 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton, because she was the Democratic nominee. I disagreed with this choice, but I rallied to the cause nonetheless. In the primaries, I was a Sanders supporter, serving as a district-level delegate for my town.

Sanders does not have my support this time around — I still love his policies, but I feel that we should not be electing someone who is 78 to the highest office in the land, given the demands of the job. Plus, to be completely honest, the hardcore Sanders supporters have largely turned me off — even though I agree with them politically, their “my way or the highway” absolutism is not something that I can support.

So, my candidate this time around is Elizabeth Warren. She strikes me as intensely competent and prepared, and reading her detailed policy proposals makes me realize that the “She’s Got A Plan For That” slogan really is true. I know most American voters don’t read policy papers, but we should.

She is exactly the right candidate at this critical moment in history — just radical enough to enact the broad systemic changes that are crucially needed, but moderate enough to work with centrist allies to get things done. And, bluntly, it’s long past time for us to have a woman President, and I can think of no better time than following the most misogynist, racist and fascist President in American history.

And again — I’m voting for whomever the Democratic nominee turns out to be, even if they run Three Otters in a Raincoat. (#ThreeOttersInARaincoat2020) My order of preference among the current candidates is as follows:

Three Otters In A Raincoat

So there ya have it. Over the next few months, we’ll see how it all shakes out. I’m pulling for Warren.

Now you know.

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