RPGaDay2022, Questions 16-22

It’s been a few more days, so here is another batch of RPGaDay2022 questions — numbers 16-22 (see the image above).

What would be your perfect game? Honestly, my perfect game would be a long-lasting one that meets regularly. I haven’t had that in far too long. To get into more specifics: 4-6 players, all relatively experienced (or at least comfortable with deep in-character role-play).

Past, Present or Future? When is your favorite game set? I have a bunch of different favorites, and there’s no real commonality to when they’re set.

Where is your favorite place to play? I don’t tend to use miniatures or battlemats, so I’ve always preferred a comfortable game played in the living room, rather than setting up at a game table somewhere.

Why has your favorite game stayed with you? As I mentioned above, I have a number of different favorites. I would say that the reason they’re my favorites, and why they stick with me, is that they are in genres that I love, or are licensed games in settings that I’ve always loved.

How long do your games last? My game sessions usually last 3 hours or so. Longer, if you count snacking, catching up, general BSing, etc.

Share an intriguing detail from a game setting you enjoy. Although it is inspired by Chinese wuxia and Spaghetti Westerns, the setting of FAR WEST is a fantasy world, not an alternate history setting.

Who is your current character? I am not playing a game currently — and if I was, I’m usually the game master, rather than a player, so I suppose my current character would be “everyone else in the game aside from the PCs.”

Looking ahead, it looks as though most of the remaining questions would have me answering “I don’t have a current character”, or tagging people, which is something better done on social media, rather than via my blog, so this will be the final entry for me for this year’s RPGaDay.

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