Just when I thought I was out…

(Read the above with the requisite Al-Pacino-doing-Michael-Corleone-in-GODFATHER-III voice).

For all of my grand pronouncements about getting out of the industry, it turns out that I might not be all that “out” after all.

I’m not just referring to the last few bits of freelance gigs trickling out, either. I’ve mentioned those before. (Not here, though–mostly in various threads on RPGnet)

No, it turns out that I might be coming out with something new, after all. I’d go into more detail, but I need to check it with my collaborator first, to see if it’s cool to start letting the cat out of the bag. You might have to wait a while for details. Short version, though: I’m working with another game designer on a project that started out as us merely BSing for fun. It’s continued to be fun, and we’re approaching this as a sort of “to hell with the industry, we’re doing this for US” kind of thing…but we’ve decided we might put it out anyway, just because we want to.

I feel like a relapsed alcoholic.

But in a good way.

No, really….stop looking at me like that.


Seems like everybody and their brother are linking to the Associated Press run-down of our curtailed rights that appeared in Newsday.

I’d like to think that this will go somewhere…that the collective outrage of the population will shake the foundations of the Bush “presidency”…but you all know as well as I that nothing will come of it, except maybe another shiny bauble thrown to distract us: another scandal, another “leak”, another season of American Idol.

Bread and Circuses, folks. Bread and Circuses.

The American people have the attention spans of goldfish, and the political awareness of a gnat. Given the fact that we rolled over and put up with an illegal coup without complaining (or have you forgotten that the Emperor Has No Votes?) we can hardly be expected to get upset when our Constitution gets just a bit more crumpled later down the same road.

You’ve got nobody to blame but yourself, America. You clearly communicated back in November of 2000 that you had no outrage left within you. You clearly communicated that you were complacent sheep…it’s a bit late to act surprised when the folks that you let walk into power are now trampling on the very document that you told them you didn’t care about in the first place.

9/11 has become our own Reichstag Fire. Go ahead and do a google search on that, America, since I’m sure most of you have no bloody idea what I’m talking about.


Well, crap.

Looks like the Sci-Fi Channel has demonstrated YET AGAIN that they have absolutely zero sense: Farscape has been cancelled.

They’ve demonstrated a singular lack of ability to showcase the program since they’ve had it: “Hey! Here’s an idea: Let’s take a tight-continuity show with an arc plot and show it with a huge mid-season break and absolutely NO reruns between seasons!” The critical acclaim and success that show has had is entirely IN SPITE of the way Sci-Fi Channel has botched its handling.

“Let’s give them more reruns of Jon Edward and back-to-back episodes of SG-1 instead!”

Feh. Stupid corporate bastards. It doesn’t even make financial sense. If they go ahead and produce a 5th season, that will take it over the magic-number 100th episode required for syndication deals, and then they could rake in the bucks…a fact that I will remind them of in the letter I’m sending to the addresses listed on the above-linked website.

It probably won’t help at all, but what the hell–stranger things have happened than a brain-dead television exec actually paying attention to their target market.

Wow. Participating in a letter-writing campaign to save a television show. My Geekometer just went off the bloody chart.