Back again….

First, a few links:

I was introduced to this site full of Random Name, Plot, and Stuff Generators from a post on RPGnet today, and, unlike a great majority of posts over there, this is actually really quite useful.

From the realm of science, we have this Article about recent astronomical discoveries— the bit about “Dark Energy” about half-way down just SCREAMS plot idea to me. Now, if only I could come up with something more than just an idea…

On the other hand, this is just feckin’ creepy. Paging Doctor Frankenstein… *shudder*

Still crankin’ along on the projects at work, but they’ve downshifted into something I can actually leave at the office at the end of the day, which is always nice. Creatively, not much new to report. The novel idea that I was so excited about a couple of weeks ago has stagnated, but that’s OK. It got me moving again, which is the important part. The material is saved, in case I want to come back to it. I’ve got a number of other ideas kicking around as well–at this point, I’m mulling over whether I should attempt them as novels or as screenplays (I finally got my copy of Final Draft working). Knowing my attention-deficit ass, I’ll probably end up working on them all. The trick is to FINISH one of ’em.

Still working on Apollyon Noir. I really like how it’s coming together. I came up with a way to appeal to fans of kewl schtuff as well as straight-historical buffs simultaneously. We’re going to present three different “reality settings”, each with their own set of rules interpretations and conditions. Stage 1 will be secret-historical (straight history, but with hidden wierd stuff going on behind the scenes), Stage 2 will be more out-in-the-open (official but not public recognition of the occult, etc.) and Stage 3 will be full-on bizarro magical apocalypse (summoned demons on the battlefields, etc). Straight historical can be done by taking Stage 1 and removing the strangeness, essentially creating a “Stage 0”. It’s working really well, so far.

Well–that’s it for now. More later.


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