OK, so here it is. These things are springing up like fungus all over the net, but I’ll admit that I read more than a few of them myself, and besides, it’s an excuse to write more, therefore not a bad thing. So….

I’m having it hosted here at blogspot due to several screwy issues with my AOL site (yeah, I keep my AOL account active–mostly due to my daughter and fiance having their usernames as sub-accounts of mine–so sue me.) and even screwier issues with the adamant.rpg.net site (not the least of which is the fact that the company whose homepage it nominally is doesn’t actually exist, and most likely won’t–but that’s another story).

Anyway…just setting it up tonight. I’ll start posting for real starting tomorrow. For now, I’ll leave you with the following tidbit–a prediction:

Sometime in the next 10 years, a candidate for national office will have something that they said in an internet forum or on usenet used against them in an election campaign. Guaranteed.


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