Hrm. Apparently, some amateur astronomer has discovered what might be Earth’s third “moon”. I wasn’t even aware that we had two. Apparently, we do–the other was discovered in 86. How’d I miss that?

In other space news, Buzz Aldrin decked a conspiracy theorist on the jaw, so things can’t be all bad.

So, over on RPGnet, the cat’s out of the bag. (Check the third page of the thread.) I checked with my collaborator, Jason Roberts (author of FVLMINATA and head honcho of Thyrsus Games, and he was cool with it, so I “went public”, if in a minor way.

Jason and I are co-designing an alternate-history Napoleonic dark-fantasy/horror RPG, called Apollyon Noir: Black Powder, Black Magic. It was inspired by a bit of D20 fluff I had done for my 52 Pick-Up column over on RPGnet last year. We’ve de-D20’d it, and have designed what in my opinion is a wicked-cool new system for it. More on AN later…you know me, I love those design-in-progress updates.

Hell–if you’re interested in playtesting in early 2003, drop me a line.


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