What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

OK, it’s come to my attention that I’m apparently not updating this thing often enough. Sheesh, you’re a demanding lot. Fine…I’ll up the frequency.

According to the BBC, Blondes will be extinct in 200 years. Man, is my mother going to be pissed.

Repeat after me: Two more years…two more years…. I am tired as hell of this puritanical crackhead. We need to get that NYC seccession movement started up. Who’s with me?

I mean, take this for example: it seems that the very chemical and biological weapons program that we’re so freaked out about Iraq possessing came from us in the first place. Great, huh?

Of course, all of our birkenstock-wearing, wheat-grass drinking, extreme-sports, granola twenty-something protesting “Perrier Proletariat” are more concerned with making a statement about globalization, rather than the Cromwellian coup that happened in this country. Apparently, this statement is largely centered around blocking traffic and up-ending trash cans, with the occasional brick through a Starbuck’s window.


Wow….nostalgia one day, and then follow it up with “kids-these-days” curmudgeoning the next. I expect my grumpy-old-man membership kit to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

Damn kids…get offa my lawn!

(mutter mutter)


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