Honestly, I was planning on posting an update before now.

However, the AC adapter on my iBook decided that this week would be a good time to fray and short out, sending sparks shooting across the floor. The risk of electrocution shouldn’t be a part of a writer’s life.

So, I ordered a repacement from Outpost.com, and pay for next-day delivery.

The next day, I get an email telling me that the model I ordered is no longer available, and that my order has been cancelled. So I order another model. So far, so good.

The next day, I check tracking with Airborne Express. Apparently, they “attempted delivery”, but because of the fact that the damn thing requires a damn signature, they didn’t deliver the damn package. So, I had to sign the little slip that they left at the door (once I got home), allowing them to drop the package without a signature the next day.

Today, I finally got the thing. The overnight delivery that I paid for took three days. Yee-friggin’-ha.

Christmas shopping this weekend. I fully suspect that not only will I not be posting an update, but will, in fact, probably end up serving jail time, or at least be forced to go on the run, due to my having flipped the hell out and slaughtered a mall full of New Jersey shoppers.


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