Done for a while

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m done with RPGnet, at least for the time being.

The tone of the place has just gotten too hostile. A small number of posters are pretty much doing their damndest to define the discussions, fill the threads with their in-jokes, and generally flame the crap out of anyone who isn’t “in”–and the point at which some undereducated riotgrrrl demands that the powers-that-be appoint a female moderator and the usual suspects jump in to laud her idea is the point where I realize that these folks are no longer interested in just being gamers and talking about things of interest to gamers. It’s all about the agendas.

Fuck it. I don’t have time to deal with the aggravation. I want to write, and the time that I spend on that site is time that I could spend writing. I suppose I could post a farewell thread on the site, but that’s usually criticized (often rightly so) as being overly-dramatic, and I figure that most of the folks who give a damn most likely will read it here anyway.


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