Since posting my last update, I’ve gotten a bunch of email, which I suppose I should’ve expected. A bunch of it was encouragement, of the “Woo-hoo!” variety, but a depressing percentage of it was bitching from the usual suspects: “You’ll ruin it, ’cause you’re an asshole.” “I’d prefer that the game be handled by someone who doesn’t HATE me because I’m a gamer.” Etc. Etc., ad nauseam. Kinda puts things into perfect perspective.

Still…it’s hard to turn your back on a dream you’ve had for 19 years. So, I’m going to go ahead with the formal proposal, since I might as well strike while the iron is hot….and I don’t have to make the final decision until the contract is in front of me, which gives me more time to mull it over.

In other news, the Mirror in the UK has run a story about the evidence that Flight 93 was shot down–a rumor that I’ve heard since 9/11 from folks from PA, and folks in the military. It’s always seemed evident to me that the whole “Let’s Roll” nonsense was nothing but an ego-salve for a nation that didn’t want to face the fact that planeloads of our citizens would sit like sheep and not resist hijackers…not to mention a nation that wasn’t at all ready to hear that our military was forced to shoot down one of our own jetliners and kill everyone aboard.

Interesting article.


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