And the Snow Snow Snow Came Down Down Down….

Taking a day from work today, due to a good old-fashioned “Nor’Easter” currently dumping an estimated 10 inches of snow on our heads. Allie’s school was closed, Laura’s library is closed. I actually tried to brave it out and take the 45-mile commute, but I got a grand total of one block before I started sliding down the UNPLOWED street (and what the hell is up with that, anyway? They knew the storm was coming…), sideways, downhill. That’s pretty much all it took. I spent the next 5 minutes trying to get back up the hill the other way. FUN.

I probably spoke too soon about the “project hint” in the last update. As I was saying to some industry friends yesterday, I’ve currently got like a half-dozen game projects on various degrees of backburnerdom, and honestly, I’m not sure which of them jazzes me enough to finish first. So, you’ll just have to wait and see.

For any of you electronic-music composition-types out there, I’ve got a couple of links for you:

A bunch of acapella bootleg mp3s— the vocal tracks of various songs, so that you can create your own remixes.

Basic Hip Digital Oddio–a site devoted to rare audio oddities, all of which makes for great sample-fodder.

Speaking of sample-fodder, a site that I have linked here before, has a great selection of minute-long samples from rare blaxploitation film soundtracks, perfect for mining for funky-ass breaks.

Another good site for wierd stuff to mix into music is, which has wav sounds from many of the reviewed films. Come on, you know how great it would be to follow a trance synth arpeggio with THIS.

Happy mixing….


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