The Blizzard of ’03

Well, that was fun.

It started snowing Sunday night.

It stopped snowing at around lunchtime today.

We got somewhere over 2 feet of snow—snow of the powdery, flaky variety which blew in the 50 m.p.h. gusts into huge drifts. The roads out by our house were only just cleared today, and our landlord’s plow guy did our driveway…but piled all of the snow into a massive snowbank that proceeded to avalanche overnight, burying my car. I got to dig it out (with Laura) about an hour ago. Fun.

Been thinking quite a bit about pulp stuff again. What sucks is that I don’t really have an outlet for it. I mean, the thing about pulp was that it really wasn’t very well written. So, it doesn’t make sense to try to write some, because part of the style of the genre is a way of writing that pretty much insures that I wouldn’t be able to find a publisher for it.

It doesn’t make sense to do an RPG, either– there have been a couple of them released on the market recently, and their success levels proved yet again that pulp is a genre that game designers love, but gamers largely do not. I suppose that I could do it simply because I want to, the market be damned…maybe release it as a PDF. I don’t know…that could work, I guess. If you’ve got any input on this, drop me a line. I could use some focus.


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