There’s a story idea here: Venezuala is losing time, literally. Brings to mind images of temporal thieves, syphoning off time to extend their own failing chronoverse…

Spending this weekend working on writing– the novel, FVLMINATA D20, notes for the Pulp game and the newly-retitled Hammer-horror game (new title: DIE, FIEND, DIE!). Hope to get a lot done.

The new website for Adamant Entertainment will be up and running soon, and the first product available will be the FVLMINATA D20 pdf. I’m shooting for a March release, but it might drag into April. I’ve actually been looking into several print-on-demand companies, so the strong possibility exists that DFD will be released as a hard-copy game. Not so sure about the Pulp game, due to the serialized format that we want to use—it’ll probably stay a pdf (maybe we’ll do a print version, collecting the entire set, at some point later. We’ll see.)

The prices on these print-on-demand services make it too affordable to ignore. I’m not sure if the distribution and retail system are stable enough to re-enter at this point, though…all signs are still pointing towards a major crash still in process for the industry…but with the low print-runs and re-orderability of print-on-demand, it makes fulfillment direct to the customer a viable alternative for a small-press publisher.

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