Frivolous Game Stuff

Just a quick update: work on Apollyon Noir is coming along…that’s the big project for now, and looks like it will be coming out under the Thyrsus Games banner. In other game-related developments, I’ve got a new web site for Adamant Entertainment being developed, where I’ll be selling pdf games as I design them. This will allow me to produce stuff without really worrying about how wide its appeal might be.

I’ll most likely kick things off with a freebie. Click here for a hint (well, OK, more like a huge screaming announcement) as to the subject matter of the game that I’m almost finished designing.


Ad Astra Per Aspera

I’m nervous about what might happen to the Space Program. My fear is that we’ll pull back–chastened by the disaster, attention drawn elsewhere by security issues, growing financially conservative due to the economy….and maybe even assigning blame to NASA for missing warning signs. This could be it. Figure out a way to get the International Space Station crew home, put the chairs on the tables, and turn out the lights.

That’s my fear.

I’ve always dreamed of space travel, since I was a child. Dreams of a career as an astronaut were scuttled fairly early on by a lack of interest in math, and a realization that there wasn’t room in a cockpit for a tall guy. However, I never lost the attachment to the dream. As a people, though, we seemed to stop looking outward…we stopped caring about what’s out there. We seemed to lose our spirit of exploration.

That’s what I want back. That’s what I wanted to hear from Bush yesterday. Hearing him say that the work will continue was heartening…but I want more. I want to hear “this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” Or Mars. Or anything.

We need the President to kick Congress in the ass, shake the money tree, and re-fire our spirit of exploration. Tap into that fire that drew us all together after 9/11. If we’re going to try to lead the world (and our foreign policy seems to speak to a certain desire for Hegemony), then let’s lead it for the best reasons, as well as for the worst. Let’s show the world that we can answer the brutality of backwards-looking fanaticism not just with reciprocal violence, but also by rising above it to further the advances of all of humanity–because we can.

We’re the only ones who can, and it’s time not only for us to remember that, but time for us to remind everyone else as well.



Just the other day, I was telling my daughter what it was like to see the Challenger destroyed, back in 1986.

Now, she knows.

I’m not going to talk about the event itself. Thousands of bloggers are doing that. I’m going to talk about something surrounding this event that is making me sick: propaganda.

I turned off the coverage early this afternoon, after Dan Rather read “reactions from Iraq” over the air. It was the usual bullshit– they were glad that the accident happened….this was God’s retribution against the US …the fact that the Columbia disintegrated over Bush’s home state is proof of God’s anger, etc.

My question: What the hell was the point of that? Why did we need to hear that? What purpose did it serve, other than to rile the passions of the American people? That’s not news. It’s propaganda.

I just now turned on NBC, and listened to the wrap-up of the day’s events. The anchor, just minutes ago as I write this, compared the astronauts to the “brave patriots who are flying off the deck of aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.” I’m not kidding.

I cannot believe what has happened to my country.