We named the dog Indy….

I’m off to GenCon–look me up, if you’re going to be in Indianapolis. I’ll be back on Monday, and then my move to Kansas starts Tuesday…so don’t expect any updates from me for a bit.

For now, I’ll leave you with this “What the FUCK???” moment, courtesy of Jason L Blair, who pointed out what happens with a simple typo in my blog’s URL: http://gmskarka.blogpsot.com/



Kinda Creepy.

I went to my blog page today (’cause I’m lazy, and the links at the left there are the fastest way for me to reach the blogs that I read daily), and my background image, the geodesic dome, had been replaced by a full-color picture of the World Trade Center collapsing.

I lost some folks there. It’s a touchy subject with me. Needless to say, this simultaneously pissed me off and creeped me out.

I went to my template page, trying to figure out what’s up–but when I reloaded the page, everything was fine again. The geodesic dome was back.



Really, really busy. I’m currently in the midst of:

* Cranking out 60K worth of an adventure for a freelance contract

* Leaving my Corporate Hell job for the rough-and-ready wilds of Freelancing

* Packing up the contents of my house

* Getting ready for GenCon in Indianapolis next week

* Finalizing moving details (utilities for old house and new, moving van, etc.)–because we move literally the day after I get back from GenCon.

Earlier parts of this week were spent hosting a visit from the SO’s parents, and paying a little over $700 in fines and fees to get my driver’s license re-instated (despite the fact that there was no actual suspension. I’m still trying to figure that one out. At this point, I shrug and say “New Jersey.” That pretty much sums it up.).

Probably not a lot in the way of updates coming for a while. Once life has settled into something resembling normalcy, I’ll be back.