Really, really busy. I’m currently in the midst of:

* Cranking out 60K worth of an adventure for a freelance contract

* Leaving my Corporate Hell job for the rough-and-ready wilds of Freelancing

* Packing up the contents of my house

* Getting ready for GenCon in Indianapolis next week

* Finalizing moving details (utilities for old house and new, moving van, etc.)–because we move literally the day after I get back from GenCon.

Earlier parts of this week were spent hosting a visit from the SO’s parents, and paying a little over $700 in fines and fees to get my driver’s license re-instated (despite the fact that there was no actual suspension. I’m still trying to figure that one out. At this point, I shrug and say “New Jersey.” That pretty much sums it up.).

Probably not a lot in the way of updates coming for a while. Once life has settled into something resembling normalcy, I’ll be back.