Came down last night with some kind of stomach plague. It kept me up most of the night, and, if you’ll excuse the horrible pun, kicked my ass well into the morning. I’ve got that lovely all-over ache now, like I’ve just finished fighting live-steel in full armor for 8 hours.

Still, good little trooper that I am, I dragged my carcass down the hall to my office this afternoon, and cranked out some work. I’m on schedule, which is good. Also managed to get the Adamant Entertainment Cafepress Store up and running, with various items of diverse interest. Check it out.

Tomorrow, my first Heroes of the New Wave Design Column goes live, which should be fun. There’s already some discussion over at the Adamant forum about it, and it hasn’t even really gotten started yet, which is a good sign of general interest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to feeling like crap.


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