More Worthless RPGnet Bullshit

One of RPGnet’s readers saw fit to email me the contents of a recent thread posted there by Allan Sugarbaker, the nominal administrator of the site, entitled “Addressing comments made toward RPGnet”, in which he takes the opportunity to “respond” to statements made on this blog. Naturally, he makes his response with selective quoting.

The part that really pisses me off, though, is that he starts this thread, which, given the subject, he KNOWS will result in my usual critics crawling out of the mud and making attacks against me. He makes a half-assed “now, now, no personal attacks” comment…but doesn’t appear to take any administrative action at all against these folks.

For those of you reading this blog–if you need any further evidence of the personal vendetta at work here…if there was any question in your mind that my “banning” had to do with anything other than my criticism of the site and the administration….there’s your proof. A thread, by the administration, entirely engendered to attack someone who isn’t there to defend himself, and with no administrative action taken in the face of clear personal attacks.

Thank you, Allan and Kuma, for so clearly demonstrating your true colors.

For anyone else interested in the subject, I invite you to read the journals of the folks who have left–most notably Curt’s livejournal and his comments here in Theron’s livejournal, and compare them to the “Official” statements. I think that you’ll find that RPGnet’s administration is, as Curt so eloquently puts it, “truth-challenged.”

Again: Fuck ’em.

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