IP Banned

So, any of you who have read the comments from the last entry know that one of my pathetic little stalkers decided to bring his socially-retarded act to my blog. I foolishly assumed that leaving RPGnet would’ve left that problem behind me. The individual in question is the same individual who sent me some emails a couple of months ago, which had made some very disturbing comments, revealing knowledge of the location of my oldest daughter’s school, etc. The local cops told me that they couldn’t do anything without a clear ID on the guy, and unfortunately, the abuse department of the fucktard’s ISP has a corporate policy not to reveal any information without a warrant…and the police won’t issue the warrant without a clear ID, so welcome to Catch-22-land.

It’s pretty obvious that this stunted little troll is harmless, and probably doesn’t even know that by crossing the line into the info about my children, those emails ARE actionable. He’s just getting his sad little jollies by yanking the chain of his betters. So, now that he’s been stupid enough to post repeatedly to the comments of this blog, I have an extensive amount of IP information about him. I’m still pursuing the legal option. This fucker brought my kids into this…I’m not letting it go.

In the meantime, I’ve banned his IP from the comments software. If he pops up under a different IP, I’ll zot that, too. If you’ve accidentally been caught in the IP ban, I apologize–email me and I’ll see what I can do.

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