I Hate It When I’m Right.

From CNN: Cheney: Kerry Win Risks Terror Attack

Yes, that’s right–the VP actually said that a vote for Kerry would put the United States at risk of another devastating terrorist attack.

Readers of this blog will note that I predicted this very thing, exactly two months ago:

“Mark my words…as we get closer to November, they’re going to be bolder and more direct in their bullshit. Expect to see the nearly explicit statement that a defeat for Bush is what the Terrorists want. “A vote for Kerry is a vote for Al-Queda.” I can smell it coming.”

How can anybody with a conscience and half a brain support Bush and company? I just don’t get it. How much more evidence do you need?

Additional: (added 5:23)

Gotta love this. Comedy GOLD:

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Opening Weekend

Well, one weekend down, 6 more to go. KCRF opened this weekend, with a 3-day “marathon session” for Labor Day weekend. What have I learned? My feet and voice are probably just good enough for a regular 2-day weekend. :)

Today, I’m hobbling along on bruised feet (according to a past experiment by a Court Lady with a pedometer, the average mileage for a Court performer is just a hair over 11 miles a day, and I just did 3 days), not talking at all if I can help it (although I am proud to say that I was able to maintain tone and volume for the audience), and I’ve successfully washed the layers of Festival Dirt from my skin and hair, in time to celebrate Allie’s birthday today.

Basically, the weekend was spent entertaining something like thirty thousand people (and that’s considered a slow weekend. We draw nearly that much per day when we get rolling), drinking gallons of water, and making sure to eat salty food (to replace valuable minerals, dontcha know. It’s medicinal…purely medicinal).

I’ve only managed to find one page of photos from this weekend so far, and I don’t appear in any of them (you’re all crushed, I can tell). Click Here.

This week will be spent recovering my voice and my stamina, so that I can do it again this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Comments Delenda Est

Well, folks, it’s finally come down to it. I’ve gotten rid of the comments function, after some asshole decided to take my last post as an excuse to DARE to give me shit about my feelings about 9/11. You don’t know me, motherfucker, and I’m not in the mood.

So, “Bill Foster”…feel free to email me if you want to continue your pissing match. However, I’m not giving you, or any other little stalking shit-flinging monkeys like you, a public stage for it any longer.

…and what a perfect way to mark the second anniversary of this weblog.