Breaking the monotony of a day spent writing with….you guessed it, MORE WRITING!

A – Age: 35

B – Best feature: based on what I’ve been told? My wit. (and apparently, my hair, when it’s long)

C – Car I first owned: 1981 Toyota Corolla

D – Depeche Mode song: Blasphemous Rumours

E – Easiest person to talk to: Laura

F – Farthest from home that I’ve traveled: Las Vegas (when I was living in NYC)

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears, and preferably Haribo

H – (Real) hair color: Brown

I – Instruments: Keyboards, drum machines, samplers, Irish whistle, fife.

J – Jellybean flavor: Cinnamon.

K – Kids: Three–one who lives with me (daughter, 15), and two who live with the Ex (daughter, 11, and son, 9 1/2)

L – Longest car ride ever: Moving from NYC area back to Lawrence in August of 2003. 1128 miles, in a moving truck incapable of safely traveling over 45-50 mph.

M – Mom’s name: Eileen

N – Name that was almost given to me: Amy, had I been a girl.

O – Oldest living relative: My Great-Grandmother on my father’s side, who is 100.

P – Phobia[s]: spiders, claustrophobia, bathophobia (fear of depths–but this stems from a childhood event. Ask about it sometime.)

Q – Favorite Quote: Far too many. But to name one: “If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.”–Dorothy Parker

R – Reason to smile: Completing a project.

S – Song I sang last: Caanan’s Land, on 10/17, during the close of KCRF.

T – Time I wake up: 10-ish.

U – Unknown fact about me: I sometimes feel like I’m not a “real writer”, since I haven’t had a novel published yet.

V – Vegetable I hate: Damn near all of them.

W – Worst habit: Procrastination.

X – X-rays I’ve had: Tons, including a full-body CAT scan in 1995.

Y – Yummy food: Lobster

Z – Zodiac sign: Gemini

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