Boxing Day Report

Ho, ho, ho and all that jazz.

Another Christmas survived. We did the immediate-family gift exchange thing (, Allie and Yours Truly) at a very respectable 11-ish (Thank the gods for teenagers and their propensity for sleeping in, even on Christmas), then puttered about the place until 3, when we headed over to ‘s folk’s place for the extended family gathering. Pretty much felt isolated and alone most of the evening–these people have very little in common with , apart from blood relation, so you can imagine the effort that they make towards making me feel included. Found myself again explaining, as I do at every one of these gatherings (and usually to the same people), exactly what it is that I do for a living. Saw ‘s Dad out of the corner of my eye, shaking his head in his usual disapproving fashion. I think I should be congratulated for not stopping in mid-sentence, turning to face him and asking if there was some problem….but these are the same folks who, earlier this month, asked me if I was “even looking for a job,” so I’ve pretty much written it off as a No-Win situation. I give up.

Swag-wise, it was a Very Merry Geekmas for me, as I scored (via various sources):

  • The DC Comics Encyclopedia
  • Odder Jobs (the second collection of Hellboy short stories
  • The much-anticipated Return of the King Extended Edition DVD
  • The complete Indiana Jones DVD boxed set
  • The Star Wars Trilogy DVD boxed set
  • Conan: The Complete Quest–both Conan movies on DVD in a slipcase
  • Cityworks, Darkness & Dread and The Monster’s Handbook (D20 hardcovers grabbed with Parental-XMas-Cash)

…and non-geek-specific swag like a nifty shirt in burgundy suede, a new belt, etc.

Best Christmas gift of all, though, was the fact that Adamant Entertainment has had it’s best month ever…sales have more than doubled last month’s total, and have already exceeded the lofty ceiling that I had been shooting for…and there’s still a week left in the month. It looks like 2005 is going to be a good year.

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  1. That’s the thing…I think they understand “entrepeneur”, but I don’t think they “get” the fact that what I do qualifies since I’m “only” writing, sitting around the house all day instead of going to an office, etc.

    It’s frustrating. Doubly so, since it’s the same bullshit I had to deal with from the ex-wife’s family (and the ex-wife, if truth be told).

  2. I tell them that I run a small publishing company that specializes in electronic-format products that are delivered online.

    It’s easier than explaining the whole RPG thing, then explaining that it’s NOT a computer game, then explaining PDF, then explaining RPGNow, etc.

  3. Perhaps just calling yourself a professional writer with “X” number of books published, and you are expanding into the publishing market.

    If they ask further, state they are technical manuals for a specific market.

    If it is profitable (meaning at all in the black), silence the clucking tongues by saying that it makes enough money that you no longer have to have a “real job.” (and be sure to make that comment as sarcastic as possible).


  4. I *do* understand and empathize; all my sewing was “your little projects” to my ex (grrrr) but then he ran my sewing business purposely at a loss. But I didn’t mean to have this become a rant against my ex.

    For some folk, anything creative that you do well enough to make your living by working out of the home doesn’t count as *real* work. Their loss. They can’t understand how much more self-discipline, plain ol’ hard work and talent it takes to do that. Sometime make sure that they see a list of all your published work and/or a stack of the books/games. Perhaps some tangible evidence might help.

  5. Well, it was the profitable angle that was the problem, initially. It’s taken about a year to get the ball rolling to the point where it now is quite profitable. (Pretty much what you’d expect for any new business) It was a rough year and they did help us out from time to time when things got bad…which only underlined for them that I’m not “working.”

  6. But I didn’t mean to have this become a rant against my ex.

    It is really, really, REALLY easy for things to turn out that way, though, isn’t it? :)

    I’m just proud that I’ve gotten myself to actually call her “my ex-wife” now, rather than in previous years, when I used single-syllable titles that began with C or B.

    But, hey, I’m not bitter. :)

  7. Ah, one can see the problem, then.

    Considering you made profitability in a year, you are doing quite well…it would seem that the amendment should be something along the lines of:

    “It took me most of a year of constant work to get the business off the ground, but now that it has reached profitability, it’s great to see my work paying off.” Followed of course by some nattering statement about how you couldn’t have done it without the strong support of you lovely other and your/her family.

    However, kudos to making a living at something you like doing. Most people never have the opportunity. In fact, you are only the second person I’ve ever met to have done so.


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