Doctor Who!

The latest issue of Doctor Who magazine has a cover image of one of the monsters from the new series:

Hot damn, they’ve spent some MONEY!

No official announcement yet, but rumor has it that the series premieres at the end of March in the UK.

Which, of course, means that I’ll be watching it soon afterwards, hot off the download presses, so to speak. (Still no US broadcast deal)

5 Replies to “Doctor Who!”

  1. (Still no US broadcast deal)

    Man, is the TV schedule in this country so packed that they really don’t have anyplace to put it that wouldn’t be worth more money than nowhere? Jeez.

  2. It will DEFINATLY not be on Sci Fi channel. BBC America? If they can run “All Rise For Julian Clary”, they can find a home for Dr. Who. Actually, I think I kinda miss that show.

  3. Have I mentioned how much I like your icon? It amuses me greatly and is, BTW, a very good image of you, with or without uplifted finger. But definitely more amusing *with*.

  4. The end of…?! Hot diggety dog!

    *10 seconds of nationality flaunting*

    Though that beastie kind of looks like “Davros and Zil met up in Ibiza, and several months later…”

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