More Doctor Who….

You’ll have to forgive me. My favorite television series of all time is coming back after 16 years, so I’m a bit excited.

Some more costume shots came out in the UK press today:

Apparently, this little fella (whom you’ve seen here before) is called the Moxx of Balhoon:

The “Face of Boe”, described as “the head of an alien, preserved in a vat of life-giving fluid, protected by two “staff-children” :”

These are only labeled as “aliens” —apparently, all of these images are from the second episode of the series, “The End of the World”, which features alien ambassadors arriving at a space station in the far future to witness the end of the earth:

…and, lastly, a tree-like alien ambassador:

and, because I realize that some of you haven’t seen him yet, here’s a shot of the new Doctor, with his companion, Rose:

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here, geeking out.

16 Replies to “More Doctor Who….”

  1. I was really bad – I even attended Who conventions…

    This looks like tremendous fun.

    One has to wonder why the braindead executives at the Sci-Fi Channel passed on it.

  2. Those alien ambassadors remind me of something…Mork and Mindy? Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince?

    In any case, looks like they have a much higher budget this time around!!!

  3. Re: I was really bad – I even attended Who conventions…

    Because the braindead executives at the SciFi Channel are the same ones who run the USA Network, that’s why. Thier mindset seems to be the constant pursuit of the “Males, 18-24 who drink beer” demographic. I have given up expecting the people behind the “Rape, Murder & Explosions” network to have ANY concept of what a scifi audience actually wants to see.

    Of course, I could just be bitter because they cancelled Farscape…

    Nah…They’re just idiots.

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