New Doctor Who 30-second Trailer

This spot started airing on the BBC today.

(I’m not sure how long the file will be there, so grab it while you can.)

It has some clips of the show, but largely it’s a specially-filmed trailer, with the Doctor directly addressing his prospective audience. Gives you a good grasp of his character, and a lovely look at the TARDIS control room set, as well as some keen SPFX shots.

6 Replies to “New Doctor Who 30-second Trailer”

  1. It’s cool, he’ll regenerate. Just like this time in fact. Anyway, I’ll watch the official BBC airing on three TVs or something to make up for your heresy :-)


  2. Hmm, did I like that? The involuntary monkey dance at the end might be a clue.

    It didn’t sell me on Eccleston as a “common” Doctor, but it looked great.

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