Trophy Meme

Taken from too many folks to mention:

If you were to kill me and have me stuffed as a trophy, how would you pose me? Include whatever details you like: dress, props, expression, etc. Post this in your journal to find out how your friends would immortalize you…

;) This is fun, and a little sick. In other words, it’s delightful. Be creative.

4 Replies to “Trophy Meme”

  1. I’d have a hard time not wanting to pose you exactly as I see you in the icon. A permanent, snarky fuck you to the universe.

    That icon always brightens my day and reminds me this is all just bullshit (this being the daily bullshit of this existence, rather than simply LJ or some such).


  2. I would have the taxidermist make you as big as the bear that John Tynes and Mike Daisey found in’s headquarters when they broke in (have you seen Rear Entry?). Probably in the same pose too, it was kinda roaring.

    You’d be great in a large open hall of a stately manor!

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