Sundry Update

1) I can’t seem to kick whatever viral crud I brought back with me from Colorado. My gorram throat is on fire. VERY yuck.

2) I’ve gotten to the point where I’m getting irritated by my hair. I’m considering chopping it back to short. Talk me into or out of it, as you will.

3) Adamant Entertainment will soon be producing PDF support for Green Ronin’s Freeport D20 Setting. If you’re interested in writing stuff, drop me a line. We’ve also got a deal in the works to provide PDF support for another publisher’s forthcoming setting, but I have to keep mum on that until the contracts are completed. I’m excited, though.

4) I turn 36 this month. Not sure how I feel about it.

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  1. 1) I’m so sorry. May I recommend Emergen-C?

    2) Personally, I like your hair. And I’m not a fan of long hair on most guys. So that’s saying something for me.

    3) No, but I love the logo.

    4) Hey, I’m 36 my next birthday, too! You should feel great, because darling, you look fabulous.

  2. Heh, I chopped my hair back at the start of this year and it’s been much easier to look after. It’d been long for something like 16 or 17 years. But I guess when you get in your 30s you just want an easier life. Well, I did anyway. :-)

    Do you look more dashing with long or short hair? That’d be the kicker for me.

    Happy Birthday in advance by the way.

  3. i really like you with longish hair. i’ve seen it in person, and the short in pics. you carry off the long hair well.

    and i just turned 28. terrifying.

  4. Hair Today, Gone…

    The only advice I can give is:
    “Never toy with personal hair trimmers when drunk”

    My friend Indovan keeps forgetting this, which is (one reason) why he isn’t growing back his gorgeous three-foot long hair.
    or otherwise put:

    Alcohol*(Boredom + Gizmo) = (Daft hairdo + cold head)

    Alternatively: Apply Hair Colourant and Product.
    The world needs more colourful hairdos.


  5. hair will always grow back (well, almost always)

    and 36? that’s not old at all-don’t worry.

    speaking of june birthdays, when do you want to go to us toy for our birthday party?

  6. 1. Rest, drink lots of fluid, gargle with warm salt water a few times a day and Emergen-C. Also one drop of peppermint extract does wonders and pineapple juice.
    2. I have recently cut almost all of my hair off and it’s invigorating. The nice thing about hair is – it grows back. It’s your hair – wear it how you like it. Irritating doesn’t sound fun.
    3. Who’s Green Ronin? I’m glad you’re excited. I’m not a writer. Best wishes :)
    4. Happy Birthday! or Hell, it’s just another day. Your pick. Why do you have mixed feelings about it? You wear it well :)

  7. 1. Sleep. As much sleep as you can possibly get.

    2. Me, I dig longer hair on men. Enjoy having hair while you have it…one day you might not have it.

    3. Most excellent on the quality business dealings.

    4. Age is only a number. What you believe about that number is your headtrip. I promise you, I’m not like any 41 year old you know. I had a moments “ack” about it, and then realized the “ack” was a load of crap. You wear your mileage well. Do what you can to improve your health, as it gets harder to do so as you age…that’s the only real downside.


  8. Is he home? Have him call or email me, so that I can get the exact language and info, and I’ll put a Friends-only post on my LJ about it.

  9. Congrats on the Freeport deal. It’s a great setting and I’ll have to haul my ass off to RPGNow or wherever it is you sell your PDFs and pick them up when they start appearing!

  10. Freeport Stuff

    Great news about the Freeport support.
    If you want any of it reviewed once released, I will more than happily volunteer.

  11. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to my LJ friends list. (Friend of a friend and whatnot.) I think I’m I’m familiar with you from Faire, but I’m not quite certain. We certainly share several common interests though.

    2) I reccommend that you keep at least some of your hair. Last year, I cut my hair hoping that it would be cooler in the summer…. Guess what?!? The same area that was hottest, the area where my ponytail was, STAYED that way, even without the ponytail. Also, when working outside I’d wet my ponytail and let it drip down my back… Now I’m without that benefit, and STILL too warm when working outside… My personal opinion– Too many of us guys go “all-or-nothing” as suggests… To me, you start to blend in too much with all the other guys that shave their head. (Now that it’s not so much of a big deal…) Plus, my neck is cold in the winter time. That part sucks.

    4) We also share a birthday (same year too), so don’t feel too bad about the age thing. I’m getting past it myself.

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