Heard from the Entertainment Director this morning. Turns out that they DO want me to teach Improv 1 and Improv 2 at the KCRF Academy this year. Even though I only got 4 days notice, I said yes…mostly because I loved teaching those classes last year, and I also see it as my own small contribution to making things better out there. If I can reach even a quarter of the performers and make them just a bit better at improv, that goes a long way to making the Festival better, in my opinion. So, yeah. My good deed for the season.

So, all of you who have to take Academy this year: I’ll be your Improv instructor again. Academy is on an abbreviated schedule this year (good thing): Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, and Monday evening, this week and next.

Also: Laura and I will see a bunch of you at All Call, which is on Thursday night. As a stage show, we don’t technically have to be there, but we had planned to, just for the social aspect. Now, of course, I’ll have academy stuff to talk about as well.

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