There’s a reason why I CHARGE for consulting…

Just a quick rant:

When somebody offers business advice for free (especially via a gimmicky format like podcasting), you can be reasonably sure that the advice is worth what you’re paying for it.

I was going to keep mum about this, but the fact that this guy (who has directly ripped off my IP in the past and has copied the business model and trade dress of other publishers, while continually demonstrating a lack of understanding of the licenses that his products are released under) is offering advice on being an RPG Publisher is LAUGHABLE….if it wasn’t for the fact that I know there’s going to be a bunch of newbies who’ll decide to use his “insights” to create their own companies, further flooding the market with enthusiastic incompetents. Just what we need.

His post about Hollywood is particularly painful…guy gets his RPG property optioned, without apparently knowing what that means, and also apparently never figured out that the connection was his chance to get some screenplays seen by producers. Talk about wasting an opportunity….

If you’re somebody who is seriously considering starting an RPG publishing business, or you’ve started one and you’re looking for advice….contact me. My rates are pretty reasonable, and I can provide references.

Or, you can choose to just listen to MP3s from somebody whose idea of insight is to recommend that RPG publishers emulate the porn industry.

Just sayin’.

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