LJ-only Post: My New Geek Userpic….

Trying out my new userpic, which I’ll use to match my mood when I’m geeky…

calls it the “Romance Shot”, since they’re so close, shot with a soft filter, etc. Shut up! Is NOT! There is nothing slashfic-y about it!

It’s just a cool photo. Leave me alone.

18 Replies to “LJ-only Post: My New Geek Userpic….”

  1. Neither can Kirk with all that blowing going on.

    Here’s a question for you as well. Where is Spock’s left hand? Most likely on Kirk’s ass.

  2. Is that a blue

    bed they’re standing on?

    And Kirk must like what Spock is saying – his chest is all pumped up…

    I didn’t know you were into scifi soft porn?

  3. Best of all: They’re inviting you — yes, you, viewer — to join them in their expression of love. They’re looking you right in the eye, daring you to take that one step you so desperately want to take.

  4. I’m hearing music. And it’s not the TOS fight theme either. No, its that little Dee dahdad deedle deedly dee, dee dahdle deedle dee-dee-dee thing they played whenever Chekov got a crush on an alien girl or Kirk had to explain love to a primitive babe.

  5. You know, my first thought when I saw that picture was “I bet slashers love it.” My second thought was “GMS is using it, so that can’t be the context this time.”

    Spock’s totally digging Kirk, though.

  6. Rollin’, (rollin’)
    Rollin’, (rollin’)
    Rollin’ on the river…

    And I think you know what river I’m talking about, brah.

  7. THE ongoing theme of original series Trek is a kind of romance between Kirk and Spock. Kind of like Gilgamesh/Enkidu or some medieval chivalric tale that I ought to know more about so I could give an example.

  8. Yes, I agree. Can’t think of any medieval examples (except Arthur and Merlin, maybe?), but Aubrey and Maturin in the Patrick O’Brien novels come to mind — the impetuous man of action and his cool, cerebral friend.

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