Festivus for the Restivus

Media Party:

  • Didn’t rain.
  • Humidity had me sweatin’ like Michael Jackson at a Boy Scout meeting.
  • First show was rough. Volume is a problem.
  • Second show had drunk hecklers. Boosted our energy level, and we ROXX0R3D. (Apart from an accidental stabbing)
  • Had it confirmed that I really need to spend more time seated. 4.5 hours on my feet, and I was in severe pain.

Site Day:

  • Didn’t perform the show–we still don’t know what stages we’re going to get.
  • Saw the Chess Match. Funny! (Love the Nun bit, and the Fairy.)
  • Spent more time seated, and no pain has ensued.
  • Got our packets, but no schedule. Won’t know our day’s schedule until later this week.
  • The Festival is still losing major cast members, as recently as this morning. YIKES.
  • Got drafted. Apparently, I will be MC-ing the Closing Gate again this year. Given how it went (singing songs that haven’t been done in years, so all the Renn-babies don’t know them), I think that I will add this to my list of “Things I will Try to Kick Ass At, So That The Audience Enjoys It”. We’ll be singing Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl, Gypsy Rover, and (ugh) Canaan’s Land. I need to channel the memory of Simpkin the Fool, I think.

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