Casting Call

OK, I’m making this one Friends-only. Please be aware that this hasn’t been officially announced yet, so keep it mum for the time being.

In 2006, as a promotional tool for my company’s line of pulp-genre RPG products, Thrilling Tales, I will be producing a series of mp3 podcasts in the style of the classic pulp-era radio shows of the 30s and 40s. The show will be a serial adventure in audio format, broadcast in 10-minute weekly installments.

I will be needing voice actors for the series. To be eligible for a role, you need to fit one of these two conditions:

  • You must be able to digitally record your voice and send me the results as mp3 files, or
  • You must be able to come to Lawrence to have me record you.

The parts will be recorded separately, and mixed in studio, so it might be a little bit odd for those of you used to being able to play off other actor’s performances. We’ll probably do a read-through of the script with the local folks, so that I can give direction, but the actual recording will be done as singles.

This will be a paid gig. Not sure of the amount just yet (trying to suss that bit out, since the product itself will be free….although it will be a promotional item for commercial products).

Anybody interested?

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  1. oooh yeah! Sounds like great fun if a voice like mine would be useful. I would *especially* be interested in helping with read throughs, what fun! Reading radio plays out loud in a living room= big fun!

  2. What a hoot!!! OMG that sounds like so much fun. Got any femme fatales that need voicing? =D Seriously, though, I’ve never done anything like this so I’m not so sure I’d be a good candidate.

  3. With as many female respondents as I’m getting, I think I’m going to have to feature a “Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus”-esque squadron of female daredevils!

  4. “If a voice like mine would be useful”, she sez.

    Naw….why would I possibly need someone who can do “sultry” at the drop of a hat? :)

  5. Sounds like a blast and I’d love to help. You already have plenty of women volunteering though. So, I don’t have to but I’d be willing if you have a need. :)

  6. Not sure of the timetable yet. I still have to write the script.

    However, the plan is for it to be a 2006 release, so I’d probably want to do recording in December or January.

    REALLY glad to hear you’re interested. You were at the top of my list. Your voice is, as they say in NYC, “ta DIE.”

  7. Aaaaaww *blush*

    One of the reasons i asked about a timetable is that I don’t have the recording equipment noted, but canmake the trip to Lawrence … just wanted to make sure what the situation would be in conjunction with ASSASSINS.

  8. Aw, thanks! I’m happy to give it a shot, but if I don’t work out, you won’t hurt my feelings by saying “you just ain’t got it, kid.” =)

  9. OK, I see you’ve been bombarded with responses, but I thought I’d let you know…my friend is a 6’5″ black man with a James Earl Jones voice to match. He’s also a serious gamer boy. If you need a voice that fits that description, he might be willing to lend his talents.

  10. That’s a very cool notion.
    I’d be up for it, though sadly I’d have to take the first option. I’ve got a friend up here with access to recording equipment, so I’m sure I could send files down. It’d be a lot more fun to come back down to Lawrence and record there, though.

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