5 Replies to “Minion”

  1. Many congratulations on surviving the process to this point.

    Must be a real trip to find yourself in this place.

    *strains of Talking Heads playing in the background, as you tap your forearm*


  2. Wow. Time flies.
    Wish her a happy birthday for me, eh?
    And yes, themiscyran, I forgot to post a Happy B-Day wish to you on your LJ. That’s because you signed off before the actual day. :) Hope you had fun.

  3. Raising a child is one of those sort of feats that I can’t wrap my brain around beyond the abstract. Heck, I can’t even get beyond the sleep deprivation of the first couple of years, never mind the cost of schooling, clothing, feeding, and entertaining.

    She’s a good kid, and she’s damned smart. That’ll take her a long way in this world.

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