‘Cause One Business Wasn’t Enough…..

So I’ve started another business.

RPGNow is spinning it’s print-distribution program off as a separate business, which will be run (and owned) by me.

RPGNow Distribution (as it is called) will take print versions of PDF-publisher’s products (wow, that’s a lot of P’s), and act as a broker between the publishers, the printer, and the distributors. Basically, we’re a fulfillment business. I help the PDF publishers get their products printed, I rep their products to the games distributors to get them into retail stores world-wide, and for that, I get a cut of the money.

Here’s a copy of the official press release:

Effective October 1st, RPGNow’s distribution program will be spun off under new management as its own company, RPGNow Distribution. The new company will continue to work with RPGNow publisher clients to deliver print versions of their products to distributors world-wide, giving retailers the opportunity to stock proven products that had previously only been available in electronic format.

RPGNow Distribution will be operated by Gareth-Michael Skarka, an RPG business veteran with experience at every tier of the games industry from retail to distribution to publishing, including most recently as director of RPGNow’s print-on-demand program. “RPGNow’s publisher clients will benefit from the increased focus that spinning the program off as a separate business will bring,” he said. “This will allow each business to concentrate on its core: The publishers on producing great games, RPGNow on electronic delivery of those games, and RPGNow Distribution on getting those games to the retailers.”

“We’re confident that RPGNow Distribution is in good hands,” says James Mathe, owner of RPGNow. “We feel that Gareth’s experience and the responsiveness he demonstrated while handling our customer service for the past 4 years makes him the best person to handle the program and give it the attention that it deserves.”

RPGNow Distribution will begin handling all fulfillment duties for existing clients beginning in October. Solicitation for new distribution clients will begin at that time, and existing clients should expect more information later this month. Any clients with questions, or prospective new clients, are welcome to contact Gareth-Michael Skarka directly at gmskarka@sbcglobal.net


Even though October 1 is the official launch date, I’ve already started handling things — talking with the existing clients, speaking to the distribtors and the printer, etc. It’s made for a pretty hectic week, while we get the wrinkles ironed out.

I am SO ready for a drink tonight.

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