KCRF Fourth Weekend Pics

Generally, I wasn’t too happy with the pictures of me from this past weekend — you could tell by my facial expressions that I had a lot on my mind, and that I wasn’t really “there.”

That said, there are a couple of me that thinks were pretty nifty….and I found some shots not of me that I love.

Courtesy of :

Veronica gets her boots straightened by Azure. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

A nice full-body profile of Casanova.

Easily the best picture taken of Veronica this season. Even thinks so.

Like I said — something obviously on my mind….but still a good shot.

Courting Italians, Afternoon Shadows.

Courtesy of :

Me and on Sunday. I wish I didn’t look so gruff there.

PHENOMINAL shot of . Best all season.

Veronica’s new pin. Heh.

Thanks as always to the great photographers who make us look damn good.

5 Replies to “KCRF Fourth Weekend Pics”

  1. Love that profile shot of you with the lipstick kiss on your cheek. Also diggin’ the return to long hair (and I don’t say that lightly as I’m not typically a long hair kinda chick).

    Glad you didn’t get yourself kicked out.

  2. I absolutely love the Puss in Boots portrait of .

    Note that with regard to the photos of you, you read into them what you know is there. Others see that you may have some distance to you, but it reads rather like model shots.

    As says above, “surly but HAWT”.


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