Moore Responds

So yesterday, I received a letter in the mail from my Congressman, Dennis Moore, in response to the email I sent him about his vote for the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (AKA, the suspension of Habeus Corpus and the legalization of Torture.)

Yes, a reply…despite my email saying “don’t bother.”

Three pages, going into the background of the bill….blah blah blah. Finally, near the end, he gets to his excuse: That prior to the vote, he cast a vote in favor of the Motion to Recommit (offered by Rep. Ike Skelton of Missouri), which would have provided expedited judicial review of the statute, and require the reauthorization of the legislation every three years. “Unfortunately,” he writes, “the Skelton Mition to Recommit failed by a vote of 195-228.”

He continues: “Despite the failure of the Motion to Recommit, it is likely that any legislation enacted into law addressing this issue will be subject to further consideration by the courts, in order to ensure its constitutionality.”

So, in other words — he voted FOR the measure, banking on the fact that the Supreme Court will eventually take it under consideration on a constitutional basis.

MotherFUCKER. That’s ass-saving politics at its worse. He votes for a bill that he knows is wrong, simply to avoid being painted as “weak on terror”, in the hopes that the Judicial Branch will bail us out and overturn.

This smug prick thinks that he only needs to worry about the Conservatives in his district. He thinks that his position as the sole Democrat representing Kansas means that we will just hold our noses and vote for him, because the alternative means that we’d have no Democratic representation at all.

He’s wrong.

This vote was a travesty, and I want to see him taken down for his hubris. I’ll vote for the Reform Party candidate (or hell, even the Republican) this November. I hope that my fellow 3rd district liberals will do the same.

Teach him a lesson — you don’t play politics when the Constitution and the very soul of the Nation is on the line.

Halloween Mash-up Album

Here’s a special “Wednesday Music” post for you:

Go to and download a complete album’s worth of Halloween-themed mash-up tracks. Some of this stuff is absolutely brilliant.

There’s a Bonus Disc there too, with more tracks (including a 23 minute party mix), and PDF files for the booklets.

Here’s one of the tracks: DJ Schmolli – “SatanOmenDeath”, which is a mix of Diamanda Galas, Jerry Goldsmith’s theme from “The Omen”, and Manowar.

There’s tons more. Follow the link.

Scream Awards

Caught the Spike TV Scream Awards last night — a newly-created awards show for the best in Horror, Fantasy, SciFi movies, TV and Comics. Mostly lame, but some cool folks in attendance. Kinda fun to see Hollywood’s geek community flaunting their geekiness.

Amusing quote from Kate Beckinsale, who received the “Scream Queen” award for her work in “Underworld: Evolution” — As she comes up to the podium to screams and cheers, she says: “You guys scared the living shit out of me at ComicCon.”

They gave Frank Miller an award for his body of work, which was cool.

They gave Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez the “Mastermind Award” for their collective work, and, after a brief speech (in which Rodriguez said “Fuck the Oscars” and Tarantino used his mike-time to gush like a fanboy about Sid Haig, sitting in the audience), they showed a clip of some of the completed stuff from their forthcoming double-feature, Grindhouse (YouTube link).

As I said to : They should just title it: “HEY GARETH, GIVE US ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY.”