In Case You Missed It….

Bush signed the Military Commissions Act into law yesterday.

It didn’t get any coverage on the major news networks — most of whom were talking about Madonna’s adoption, the fact that the American population reached 300 million…oh, and a gripping one-on-one interview by Larry King with the guy who claimed to have killed JonBenet, but didn’t.

Meanwhile, with the stroke of a pen, our Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, and the basis for legal rights of the accused in Anglo-Saxon law since the Magna Carta, were gutted.

The Times (UK) article linked above also mentioned that there was a protest:

“Religious groups staged a protest outside the White House as the Bill was being signed. Protesters shouted “Bush is the terrorist” and “Torture is a crime”. Those who refused to move were arrested by police.”

Again, we didn’t see that, either.

Readers of this journal know how I feel about this — and about the Bush administration. Here’s my question for supporters of this administration, though: Even if you think that Bush is a good man, and that this legislation is neccessary for the so-called “War on Terror”…..has it occurred to any of you what happens when that unfettered authority is handed to someone else? Someone who *isn’t* a “good man?” What happens then? Are you all really that short-sighted?

Robin Hood Review


It’s OK. I much prefer the early-80s Robin of Sherwood, though.

This one is an odd mix of Family Entertainment (Robin is non-violent, and refuses to kill), Comedy (the Sheriff is a wonderful scene-chewer), Anti-War-On-Terror Commentary (Examples: “It’s not our Holy War, it’s Pope Gregory’s” and “The Sheriff can declare outlaws to be Enemies of War, and execute them without trial.”) and Firefly-esque snappy-dialog ensemble piece (Robin’s manservant, Much, is pretty much Wash — same physical type, same line delivery style, and wearing the 12-century equivalent of a loud Hawaiian shirt.).

All of this, in 45-minute episodes. In my opinion, its trying to be too much.

I’ll probably grab the other ones to watch, just for the hell of it….but “Meh.”