Bond Week, Baby!

Casino Royale, based on my all-time favorite Bond novel, opens this Friday!

There is no question that I’ll be there. The only question is where, and with whom.

I checked — it is playing at The Legends 14 — the theater by the Speedway, with the VIP adult balcony seating. Showtimes at 7, 10:15 and midnight. The only problem is, you can’t get advanced tickets — I tried Moviefone, and I even tried calling the theater. The automated phone system lists all of the other films as an option, but not Casino Royale. Moviefone tells you that there are no “available showtimes.”

AAARRRRGGHH! I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that it’s *already* sold out…..more likely that it’s just not eligible for advanced sales.

I do *not* want to get stuck at the fucking Southwind here in Lawrence for this one.

EDIT: The lovely and talented located this site, which has tickets for sale in the VIP balcony. — They’re $16 a pop, for the joy of cushy seats, 21 and older, plus alcohol and snack service at your seat. We’re planning on going to the 10:15 show — hitting legends about 7-something for dinner beforehand (Carino’s perhaps?). Comment below if you’re going to be joining us!

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  1. Well, with me of course. :) If we can’t get advance tickets before Friday, I’ll even leave work early to get tickets at the box office. I don’t care. We are so seeing this while sipping martinis!

  2. I went to The Legends website and followed a bunch of annoying links until I got to this one: Casino Royale at Please note that there is a specific listing for the VIP section at the Legends 14. We’re thinking about the 10:15 showing on Friday. Tickets are $16.00 a pop. For this, so totally worth it!

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