The News That Didn’t Make The News

Project Censored has released their list of the 25 biggest under-reported stories of the year, under the title Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007.

There’s a couple of problems — 1, none of the stories were “censored” by the strict definition of the word…but they were undoubtably under-reported. 2) The list says ” of 2007″ — technically this is the “awards” for 2007, but the stories are all from 2006. A minor point, but it bugged me.

My nitpicks about presentation aside, check out the list. There’s some very frightening things there, and all of it given citation for further research.

4 Replies to “The News That Didn’t Make The News”

  1. Unfortunately, I think any genocide in Africa is very unreported. It’s become so commonplace that people just kinda shrug their shoulders and think What’s New?

  2. Some of those stories have definitely been covered and certainly not censored from the media. I think the list suffers from ‘frontpage-ism’ believing that if something is not a front page headlineg item, top of the hour news blip then it’s being ignored.

    A few of the pieces are from questionable sources without any reliable sources looking into them, probably because of their original source or because the claims didn’t pan out when examined.

    And there’s at least 2 that are just recently being covered… because there wasn’t enough facts in but no there are.

  3. Ayuh – while there’s some real gems in there, there’s also a lot of noise, conspiracy theorism and outright agenda pursuing. The 9/11 bullshit particularly pisses me off – hey, professor? Your bullshit claims have already been debunked, and no amount of tinfoil-hat pseudo-science is going to change that.

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