Thanksgiving Open Invitation

Hey folks–

I know that you’ve all got family plans for Thanksgiving, most likely.

This year is and my first “official” family Thanksgiving — and, in a stroke of luck, we’re not obligated to attend any large family gatherings this year. We’ll be celebrating our own Thanksgiving at our place (speaking of which — we need a cool name, damn it. Our friends have had “The Manor”, “The Hostile”, “Casa del Richards y Doom”, etc. We need one. The Skarka Estate? Minas Skarka? Dunno. Have to think about it.)

Anyway — we wanted to make an open invitation. If you can see this, you have a standing invitation — our door will be open. If, at any time on Thanksgiving day, you feel the need to extract yourself from your Familial obligations, you are more than welcome to drop by our place. Bring a dish, or something to drink, some munchies or just yourselves. We’d be happy to have you.

7 Replies to “Thanksgiving Open Invitation”

  1. You have no idea how much I’d love to join you. I’m making the annual trek to Indianapolis to visit my parents (whom I love) but my uncle (the traditional cook) has gotten it into his head to make for Thanksgiving dinner:

    Corn Chowder.

    Fucking corn chowder.


  2. I would love to join you, but between familial obligations and the fact that I’m at work that night and the night before I know that there is no way I’m making it out to Lawrence.

    Love to you both…

    oh yeah, and both those names rock.

    Love from the T3 Ranch *grin*

  3. Thank You

    Thank you for the most gracious invitation, Julian and I have already made plans. I hope your first married to eachother Thanksgiving is a great one!

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