Since I first read the 1960s paperback edition of Casino Royale, when I was 10 or 11, I have wanted them to make a serious adaptation of the novel.

The film that I saw last night was the movie that I’ve been dreaming of for the past 26 years.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the reason that the Star Wars prequel trilogy didn’t work is that nobody could have made a film good enough to meet the dreams and expectations that fans had held for 20 years. Bullshit. They didn’t work because Lucas is crap when left to his own devices.

Casino Royale is nasty, gritty, violent, unflinching and as much of a direct adaptation of Fleming’s novel as could be done in a modern setting. I was continually amazed by how much of the novel was up on the screen.

Plus — the title sequence is amazing. Computer generated, yes, but it manages to be shamelessly retro at the same time….and is far more effective than the ones from the recent Brosnan films.

Go see this. Now.

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  1. My other Bondfreak friend in the area and I have made a habit of catching the films on opening night since Tomorrow Never Dies. Last night was the first time in nine years we’ve sat there, starkly amazed, wanting to lick the fucking screen.

    Qualms? Yeah, sure, and I’ll blather about them in my own LJ soon. But… damn.

  2. Oh my fucking god, yes.

    I’m there with you — I grew up on the novels, not the movies. I have wished repeated that Woody Allen’s version of the movie would burn in hell. I was so very, very nervous about this movie. Now, all I can say is five words:

    Daniel Craig is James Bond.

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