Internetless, sorta…

I’m typing this from the University of Kansas campus.

My DSL connection at home crapped out yesterday afternoon — apparently, AT&T’s DSL hub for the entire city of Lawrence went tits-up. When I called yesterday (after being transferred through the usual tech support queue — Bombay, India to St. Louis, MO), they confirmed that the main hub was out, and that there was no ETA for it to be back up.

When I woke up this morning, still no joy. I called again, and was told the same thing — including the fact that there was still no ETA. Jesus Monkey-Lovin’ Christ. Today’s operator informed me that something called an OS-3 card was out, and that they were going to be replacing it, whatever that means.

So, I Can Has No Intarwebs in my office. picked me up at lunch, and brought me to campus, where I can, at least, answer my backlog of emails.

Not A Happy Camper.

5 Replies to “Internetless, sorta…”

  1. wow, what a PITA!

    Let talk tonight- in case I have the means to help you borrow internet from a neighbor till yours is back, and/or you can bring whatever is needed and come work at my place. I have the guest room/office here, as well as the sewing shop room where I will be.

  2. It is either a DS3 or and OC3. There is no such thing as and OS3. In my company we would have a backup for something that size. WTF? I hate the big blue ugly.

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