Internetless, sorta…

I’m typing this from the University of Kansas campus.

My DSL connection at home crapped out yesterday afternoon — apparently, AT&T’s DSL hub for the entire city of Lawrence went tits-up. When I called yesterday (after being transferred through the usual tech support queue — Bombay, India to St. Louis, MO), they confirmed that the main hub was out, and that there was no ETA for it to be back up.

When I woke up this morning, still no joy. I called again, and was told the same thing — including the fact that there was still no ETA. Jesus Monkey-Lovin’ Christ. Today’s operator informed me that something called an OS-3 card was out, and that they were going to be replacing it, whatever that means.

So, I Can Has No Intarwebs in my office. picked me up at lunch, and brought me to campus, where I can, at least, answer my backlog of emails.

Not A Happy Camper.

5 Replies to “Internetless, sorta…”

  1. wow, what a PITA!

    Let talk tonight- in case I have the means to help you borrow internet from a neighbor till yours is back, and/or you can bring whatever is needed and come work at my place. I have the guest room/office here, as well as the sewing shop room where I will be.

  2. It is either a DS3 or and OC3. There is no such thing as and OS3. In my company we would have a backup for something that size. WTF? I hate the big blue ugly.

  3. Insane. They should have cards laying around. There is at least one in the storeroom with the paper at our office. Stupid to be so cheap.

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